Unlearning and Relearning

“Let us, from now on turn our backs on 19th century antiquarianism and look forward to 20th century science to assist in learning what we can about Zimbabwe, whose ‘mystery’ now becomes knowledge to be revealed to those who will take the trouble to try to understand. ” – ( Summers, 1963a: 40) – from the book The Silence of Great Zimbabwe- Contested Landscapes and The Power of Heritage

I am now living in Zimbabwe, a new chapter has opened in my life of knowledge, there is so much to take in and so much to learn and unlearn. I began this year with a clear target of completing a book I had started last year, titled The House of Plenty, but now that I have experienced the House of Stones in reality, the plan has shifted – all I can do for now, is talk to the people, take notes, read as much as I can and write steadily without rushing. As a true Underground Disciple, I know that great things take time.

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